23 Jun 2012

Killer's trial now over

5:59 am on 23 June 2012

The trial of Anders Behring Breivik has ended in Norway with a walkout by families of victims in protest at his attempts to justify the massacre.

Anders Breivik, 33, admits killing 77 people and injuring 242 in twin attacks in Oslo and on Utoeya island on 22 July last year.

Some 30 people filed out of the courtroom as he took the stand to explain his actions.

Breivik said he had acted to stop a Muslim invasion and asked to be considered sane and acquitted.

The prosecution is asking for him to be deemed insane.

Defence Geir Lippestad said his client was driven by extreme politics.

Judges will deliver their verdict on 24 August.

The government announced on Friday that memorials to the dead will be built at the two sites.