30 May 2012

Former friends describe mass killer's isolation

11:15 am on 30 May 2012

Former friends of Anders Behring Breivik, have described to a court in Oslo, Norway, how he became increasingly isolated after leaving high school.

Breivik is on trial for killing 77 people in Oslo and on Utoya Island last July.

In court, friends from his past have described him as an average young man, who gradually became less social and more obsessed with immigration.

One said Breivik was preoccupied with his appearance. He had a nose job to appear more Aryan, used powder on his face and worried about how his hair looked.

He was the first of four former friends to testify at the trial. Their identities are not being revealed and Breivik was excluded from the courtroom at their request.

Tuesday was the 26th day of the trial examining the events in July last year.

The trial is seeking to establish whether Breivik, 33, is sane. If he is, he will be sent to prison. If not, he will be held in a psychiatric institution.