29 May 2012

Another fatal quake hits northern Italy

10:44 pm on 29 May 2012

A new earthquake has struck the Emilia region in northern Italy, killing at least nine people and burying several others under rubble, according to local media.

All the deaths were in the Modena area. Three were killed when an industrial shed collapsed in Medolla, three died in San Felice, two in Mirandola and one in Cavezzo, the BBC reports.

The tremor, estimated at 5.8 magnitude, occurred at 9.03am (local time) on Tuesday, 40km north of Bologna at a depth of 9.6km.

It was in the same region where a quake measuring 6 killed seven people and destroyed many buildings on 20 May.

Calls to emergency services overloaded the telephone network in some areas, causing a system blackout. Train services have been halted in some parts of northern Italy.

Office workers were evacuated in Bologna and there are reports of evacuations elsewhere.

The 20 May quake destroyed many centuries-old buildings of cultural value. It was the worst to hit Italy since the L'Aquila tremor that killed nearly 300 people in 2009.