24 May 2012

Inquiry told Morgan gave 'hacking lesson'

1:14 pm on 24 May 2012

BBC television presenter Jeremy Paxman has told the Leveson inquiry into UK media ethics that CNN host Piers Morgan explained to him how to hack mobile phones.

He said it happened at a lunch 10 years ago at which Mr Morgan, who was then the Daily Mirror editor teased a woman that he knew about her phone conversations.

Paxman said it was clear that Morgan knew how to hack phones.

''Morgan said: 'Have you got a mobile phone?'

''He then explained that the way to get access to people's messages was to go to the factory default setting and press either 0000 or 1234 and that if you didn't put on your own code, his words, 'You're a fool','' he said.

The ABC reports Morgan has always denied knowledge of phone hacking, including when he gave evidence at the Leveson inquiry last December.

The inquiry has been investigating media ethics after it emerged that News International journalists hacked into the voicemail of public figures and a murdered schoolgirl.

News Corporation shut the News of the World in July last year after it became apparent that hacking was rampant at the tabloid.