23 Apr 2012

Meeting on future of data

12:05 pm on 23 April 2012

Groups fighting over the data on Megaupload will meet in Virginia USA, in the next two weeks to try to decide whether the material will be destroyed or preserved, and whether users of the site can get their data back.

Megaupload was indicted in a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, on 19 January and the site was then shut down.

Co-founder Kim Dotcom is facing extradition proceedings in Auckland, New Zealand, to face internet piracy charges in the United States.

The company hosting the data, Carpathia, wants to transfer the data to either the US government or Megaupload.

But the US government says it does not want the financial burden of taking on all the files.

Film studios argue the data should not be transferred to Megaupload because of the danger that it will reuse illegal material, while individual users are pushing to get their private property back as soon as possible.

Megaupload's US lawyer, Ira Rothken, wants the data preserved for its defence.