22 Apr 2012

Full investigation promised into plane crash

12:02 pm on 22 April 2012

Officials in Pakistan have promised a full investigation into the crash of a domestic flight that killed all 127 people aboard.

All possibilities were being examined, from a technical fault to the age of the Boeing 737, which entered service 27 years ago. It was operated by Bhoja Air.

The crash occurred during a storm as the plane approached Islamabad on a flight from Karachi on Friday evening.

Civil Air Authority director-general Nadeem Khan Yousafzai said the plane was locked into the instrument landing system when it suddenly dropped from 2900 feet (883 metres) to 2000 feet.

"It just went down, into a dive," he said. "Then contact was lost and the blip disappeared from the radar."

The plane's black box, which records flight data, has been recovered.

In July 2010, an AirBlue jet crashed in the mountains ringing Islamabad on a foggy morning, killing all 152 aboard. Two other crashes that year killed 33 people.