21 Apr 2012

Details of killings recounted in court

9:05 am on 21 April 2012

Anders Behring Breivik who is on trial for the murders of 77 people in Norway last July, has been telling a court in Oslo about his shooting spree.

Breivik recounted on Friday how he hunted for victims at the youth camp on Utoya Island where 69 deaths occurred.

Breivik, 33, said he shot most of them several times, with at least one shot to the head.

''People were begging for their lives. I just shot them in the head,'' he said.

Others pretended to be dead, he added, but he knew they had not been wounded and shot them too.

He arrived on the island dressed as a policeman, and told security officials at the camp he had been posted there following the bombings in the capital.

The trial is now into its fifth day and due to last 10 weeks. Breivik admits all the killings, but denies criminal responsibility, saying he was defending Norway from multiculturalism.

On Thursday, Breivik said he hoped his car bomb in Oslo would kill the whole government. He had also hoped to kill all those on Utoeya - more than 500 in all.

His evidence is scheduled to conclude on Monday.

The main aim of the trial is to decide whether he is sane or insane. He faces either prison or committal to a psychiatric institution.

Breivik himself maintains he is sane, but a practitioner of political extremism.