29 Feb 2012

Science ministry impressed by young Maori

7:12 am on 29 February 2012

The Ministry of Science and Innovation says it is delighted by the calibre of young Maori who are coming up with innovative ideas and forming companies.

The ministry is supporting people in primary production, but is also finding some smart ideas in the environmental sector and the information and communications technology field.

The ministry is now seeking to appoint its first Chief Adviser for Maori Development.

Ministry chief executive Murray Bain says it is crucial that young entrepreneurs get the help they need.

He says he gets exhilarated by seeing people - Maori and non-Maori - being prepared to "have a crack with their ideas" and do something with them.

Mr Bain says it is important for the Government and, more broadly, for the banks to be prepared to support young people and given them an opportunity.

He says he's noticed promising young Maori receive a lot of support from their communities.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation was set up a year ago to drive the science and innovation sector.