27 Feb 2012

Labour aims to improve communication with Maori

7:00 pm on 27 February 2012

The Labour Party says it needs to focus on improving political campaigns for the Maori electorates, as part of an organisational review.

The caucus will begin a series of 18 regional meetings for members and supporters in Napier on 5 March, as the party embarks on a wholesale review of its organisational structure.

Leader David Shearer says Labour is failing to connect with many voters and the party will take a fresh look at many areas, including campaigning, party communications and, potentially, how the leader is elected.

Party president Moira Coatsworth says there are tough challenges in the Maori electorates, including a large electoral area and low voter numbers.

Labour needs to look at all seven electorates and how it can be more effective in campaigning for votes, she says.