13 Feb 2012

Tamariki inquiry attracts submissions

6:47 pm on 13 February 2012

Submissions have been coming in for the political inquiry into the status and well-being of Maori children.

The inquiry is being carried out by Parliament's Maori Affairs select committee and is considering six different areas, including public money spent on tamariki, health, education, social services, and the justice sectors.

One submitter is a collective of Maori and non-Maori organisations, Te Ora o Manukau.

Its co-chair, Tania Kingi, argues that there needs to be a greater emphasis on family, because whanau well-being equates to tamariki well-being.

She says the idea that the well-being of children can be separated out from the well-being of other whanau members doesn't work for Maori, whose welfare is based upon tribalism and collectivism.

Submissions to the inquiry into the determinants of well-being for Maori children close on 16 March.