11 Feb 2012

Trust Board Act 'not working'

5:52 pm on 11 February 2012

The Taranaki Maori Trust Board says the Trust Board Act is not working and it is time to look at new ways of serving its beneficiaries more effectively.

Board chairman Mike Niho says the Trust Board Act is out of date and is stifling iwi development, and there is too much beauracracy.

He says unlike other trust boards that serve individual iwi, the Taranaki Maori Trust Board has to service eight.

The Act allows the Trust Board to administer assets on behalf of its beneficiaries, promotes health, social and economic well-being, and provides scholarships.

Mr Niho says this year the Trust Board is looking at establishing another entity to work with the eight Taranaki iwi.

He says the board has already consulted with each tribe individually, but meetings at the weekend will give those who missed out earlier a chance to talk with the Trust Board about a new model to advance themselves.

Mr Niho says all Taranaki iwi beneficiaries are encouraged to attend the two meetings at Aotearoa marae near Hawera and Owae marae in Waitara on 11 February.