13 Dec 2011

Harawira attacks Maori Party over deal with Government

7:10 pm on 13 December 2011

The Mana Party leader has criticised the Maori Party over its deal with the National Party.

Hone Harawira says in return for some baubles of power it's agreed to support budgets that will devastate Maori people's lives.

He says the Maori Party's election promises about issues such as Whanau Ora, Kaupapa Maori prisons, Kura Kaupapa Maori and Maori employment and training, have amounted to nothing.

Mr Harawira says there's a lot of talk about an agency for Whanau Ora, which doesn't have any more money to spend than it did before the election.

He says the Maori Party has negotiated some good deals, including extra money to fight rheumatic fever, but nothing which could be described as a major gain.

Mr Harawira says with the National-led Government having such a slim majority, the Maori Party failed to take advantage of a strong negotiating position.