1 Dec 2011

Board urges council to earmark $300 million for Maori

7:14 pm on 1 December 2011

Auckland Council's Independent Maori Statutory Board is proposing the Council budgets almost $300 million for Maori, as part of its Long Term Plan over 10 years.

The money's been requested after a recent joint board and council commissioned report stated funding earmarked for Maori was inadequate and questioned the Council's commitment to Maori.

It's anticipated the $295 million would be spent on a range of activities, including:

  • better care of wahi tapu, or sacred sites.
  • improving quality of waterways.
  • promoting Maori events and tourism.
  • working to support the development of Papakainga, or Maori settlements, on ancestral lands.

The chair of the Independent Maori Statutory Board David Taipari says he likens the 10-year Long Term Plan to a wishlist, with the annual plan the document every ratepayer will live by.