24 Nov 2011

Widow continues fight to have her husband's body returned

7:29 pm on 24 November 2011

The widow of a man whose whanau took his body from Christchurch to the North Island just over four years ago, says they need to apologise for what they did.

In August 2007 James Takamore died in his fifties from an aneurysm.

Before the funeral his Bay of Plenty family turned up and made a tono or claim for his body.

Following a heated discussion with his widow Denise Clarke, they took the body to bury it on the family marae near Opotiki.

On Wednesday the Court of Appeal deemed their actions unlawful, and referred the case back to the High Court to work out a solution.

Denise Clarke says it's been four years of hell, and she won't stop fighting until James Takamore is home in Christchurch.

She's prepared to negotiate with his whanau, but only to determine how the body will be returned to her.

Meanwhile a lawyer representing a whanau member who took Mr Takamore's body, says he'll talk to Denise Clarke on Friday to decide what to do next.

Jamie Ferguson who's acting for Josephine Takamore, who's a sister of the dead man, says there are a number of options to discuss.

He says there's the possibility of a resolution between the parties, leaving it up to the High Court to work it out or appealing the case to the Supreme Court.