15 Nov 2011

Whanau Ora provider urges politicans to back scheme

7:50 pm on 15 November 2011

A Whanau Ora provider is calling on politicians to give certainty over the future of the social services policy.

The National Network of Stopping Violence Services says the scheme has only been running for about a year, and should be given time to flourish.

The organisation is reacting to a comment from National Party social development spokesperson Paula Bennett, who said Whanau Ora's growth would not be guaranteed in the coming three years, if National returns to power.

National Network of Stopping Violence Services manager Brian Gardener says decision-makers should back the project and give it time to succeed.

He says people are getting tired of the uncertainty and the shifting, and the Government not listening to what communities want.

An iwi health organisation says Whanau Ora is heading into an exciting phase and it would be destabilising if any changes are made.

Cindy Haika, general manager of Kia Ora Ngatiwai which supplies mobile nursing to remote parts of Northland, says there has been a lot of analysis of how the policy has been working and where it should be heading.

It would be a shame if the plug is pulled before it has shown its full worth, she says.