3 Nov 2011

Maori in Australia urged to vote

6:38 am on 3 November 2011

A Queensland-based community organisation representing Maori living in Australia has been on a major drive to get Maori to vote in the New Zealand election on 26 November.

Maori-in-oz.com says there are about 100,000 Maori living in Australia.

A recent survey by Victoria University found that 55% of Maori living across the Tasman did not intend to vote in the general election.

Maori-in-oz.com says many Maori are unaware of their voting rights while living abroad.

Spokesperson Christel Broederlow says Maori-in-oz.com has completed a two month campaign aimed at getting Maori to cast their ballot.

She says about 60% of the people they deal with are surprised they are still entitled to vote and say they will vote.