9 Sep 2011

Maori Council tipped to merge with Iwi Leaders Forum

6:43 am on 9 September 2011

Labour list MP Mita Ririnui says it's likely the New Zealand Maori Council will merge with the Iwi Leaders Forum.

The Maori Affairs Select Committee looked at how the Maori Council operates, during its last year into the Maori Development Act.

It found that the council has played a crucial role in representing the interests of Maori, but there are concerns it's become redundant with other Maori groups taking over that work.

Mr Ririnui, who's on the committee, says it may be productive for the council to join the Iwi Leaders Forum.

He says bringing the two together would build on the council's work in the 1980's, under chairman Sir Graeme Latimer.

Those achievements included the development of the Maori Language Act, and stopping the sale of state assets, until Maori interests were protected.