31 Aug 2011

Brewery backlash seen as a message not to insult Maori

8:15 pm on 31 August 2011

A Tainui kuia says a backlash against a beer called Maori King is a lesson for anyone else who insults Maori.

Mamae Takerei says the American brewery Funkwerks deserves some credit for moving quickly to drop Maori King, and re-brand it Southern Tropic.

The Colorado-based company has dropped the name out of respect for King Tuheitia and the Waikato-Tainui people, after some online criticism.

Mamae Takerei says the firm now knows Maori exist, and they know Maori will not lie down and die over such matters.

She says disrespecting Maori culture and contemplating taking a name from a royal family won't be a pathway the brewery will do down again, ever.