27 Aug 2011

Maori King beer insulting - Tainui kaumatua

12:33 pm on 27 August 2011

A Tainui kaumatua says an American beer called Maori King is insulting and should be renamed.

Boutique brewery Funkwerks of Colorado says it came up with the name as result of using New Zealand rakau hops,

A co-founder of Funkwerks, Brad Lincoln, says he only found out there was a Maori King when a New Zealander who came into the company's bar told them.

Mamae Takerei of Tainui says Funkwerks should have done its research, and the company has no excuse for not knowing about the Maori monarch.

Mr Lincoln says he hopes he's not offending the Kingitanga movement.

He has offered to send King Tuheitia a crate of the Belgian-style beer, described as dry, fruity and spicy, with an 8% alcoholic volume.

Ms Takerei says she doubts the brewery would have named its product after a member of the British royal family and says it is facetious to even consider sending beer to King Tuheitia.