18 Aug 2011

Maori Council expands on expulsion of Maanu Paul

6:35 am on 18 August 2011

The New Zealand Maori Council has expanded on its reasons for expelling its former spokesperson, Maanu Paul.

Mr Paul told Radio New Zealand recently that the council is drafting a treaty claim for hapu who can prove ownership rights to fresh water.

But the council says Mr Paul was speaking without its authority.

Veteran chair Sir Graham Latimer became unwell last year and named Mr Paul to deputise for him.

But the council says he had no right to do that. It says Mr Paul failed to win nomination as deputy at the council elections last November and Richard Orzecki was elected.

In spite of that, the council says Mr Paul has continued to make statements to radio and television under the title executive chairman.

It says his comments are misleading because he has no mandate to make them, and it expelled him as a member in May for bringing the council into disrepute.

Mr Paul denies he's done that and has instructed a lawyer.