15 Jul 2011

Indigenous food label launched

1:03 pm on 15 July 2011

Te Waka Kai Ora, the National Māori Organics Authority, has launched a new indigenous food label called Hua Parakore.

About 80 people, including growers, attended the event held in Wellington last night.

The new brand is designed with the words 'Hua Parakore' arched around a Māori designed triangle - depicting a traditional cloak of excellence in food producing.

The authority has also launched material that will enable growers to pursue the new standard.

Chairperson Iwi Puihi Tīpene says the brand can be adopted by growers who produce organic food, but also are able to assure consumers of where the food is from and how it is produced.

So far, three organic operations have been certified to carry the 'Hua Parakore' brand.

Mr Tīpene says there's been a lot of interest from Māori as well as Pakeha growers, and indigenous people overseas.