22 Oct 2014

Pipe work causing problems in Matapihi

7:20 pm on 22 October 2014

A contentious council project to lay a sewerage pipe through Māori land in Tauranga has come to a head again this week after construction caused flooding in the rural area of Matapihi.

A burst water main caused flooding on the main road on Monday, which residents say blocked access to homes, the marae and the kohanga reo.

The Tauranga City Council said the flooding was caused during construction on its

$102 million Southern Pipeline.

Matapihi resident Hinemarie Burton said the community has nothing to gain from the pipe, as they would remain on sewerage tanks even after it is finished.

Ms Burton said residents do not feel that the council has communicated with them enough.

An injunction application has been filed with the Māori Land Court against the laying of the pipe. A hearing is likely to be set down before 22 December.