11 Jul 2014

TPK helping gangs with park care bid

7:42 pm on 11 July 2014

Te Puni Kokiri is helping the Black Power and Mongrel Mob gangs with their business case bid for park maintenance work in Dunedin, mayor Dave Cull says.

The Black Power's Albert Epere and the Mongrel Mob's Paddy Mason in May asked for a contract to maintain a small part of the city's reserves, which would enable them to employ four long-term unemployed members.

The gangs have been in conflict for many years through involvement in the drug trade but now say they want to give up crime.

Mr Cull said he believed the gangs meant what they said and pointed to how they travelled together to Waitangi this year.

Both Black Power and Mongrel Mob travelled with their children and on return brought photos into his office to prove it, he said.