8 Jul 2014

King's son completes 'restorative plan'

7:53 am on 8 July 2014

The Maori King's son, Korotangi Paki, has completed 120 hours of a tikanga Maori-based restorative plan despite not being convicted of burglary and theft charges.

Mr Paki recently pleaded guilty to two burglary charges, one of theft from a car and an earlier charge of drink-driving. He was discharged without conviction in a decision which has proved controversial.

Facebook pages have been set up calling for him to be convicted.

A spokesperson for King Tuheitia Paki, Tukoroirangi Morgan, said Korotangi Paki still had another 60 hours of service to go as part of the restorative process.

A report provided to Te Manu Korihi by the king's office outlined the community services Mr Paki and three other men, who were also discharged, completed before being sentenced.

Another spokesperson for the king, Kirk MacGibbon, said the plan and activities had been designed by the father of one of the men in an effort to restore their mana in the eyes of their hosts - Ngati Porou - and to offer redress for their victims.

Mr MacGibbon said the Mana Tangata Progress report explained the actions Mr Paki has undertaken, such as apologising to victims and to Whakatane High School.

Other tasks included acting as teacher aides in art classes, the gifting of taonga and the carving of swordfish snouts - offered to them by the victims of their crimes.

Mr MacGibbon said it was envisaged Mr Paki would continue undertaking community-related for about the next two years.