10 Jun 2014

Maori with mental illness seeking help

7:23 pm on 10 June 2014

An Auckland-based health executive officer believes more and more tangata whenua living with mental illness, are seeking professional help, which he says is good.

Recently published Ministry of Health data shows Maori have been seen more often than any other ethnicity, by mental health and addiction services.

In 2010/2011, it says nearly 5000 of 100,000 tangata whenua, had sought help.

A mental health spokesperson at Hapai Te Hauora Tapui, Rangi McLean said he thinks the trend for Maori living with mate hinengaro (mental illness) visiting health services is on the rise.

He said that was a good thing because it showed tangata whenua were coming to terms with their illness, which meant they got help, and in doing so they were able to get back in touch with their whanau, hapu and iwi.