16 May 2014

Hapu seeks fast hearing on MRP land

11:05 pm on 16 May 2014

A Northland Maori trust board wants the Waitangi Tribunal to grant it an urgent hearing to examine a state-owned land sale, which the sub-tribe is contesting.

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board filed its request on Friday.

It believes the land, owned by Mighty River Power, at Ruakaka, south of Whangarei, shouldn't be sold.

Instead, Patuharakeke hapu is urging that its land grievances be addressed by the Crown and that the Government recognise its failures under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The document says the Crown has failed to protects the sub-tribe's rights by not getting involved in the Mighty River Power land sale, and protecting hapu interest to that land.

It also stresses that the Crown has failed to landbank the whenua and upholding an agreement, signed in 2004, between the state-owned company and the hapu.

Patuharakeke said it was not consulted about the sale but found out through and advertisement on 25 April, seeking expressions of interest before next Thursday.

It feared if the land is sold on it would not have the right through the Treaty settlement process to have the land returned to it.