13 May 2014

Flavell disappointed Taurima won't stand

7:34 pm on 13 May 2014

A contender for Labour's Tamaki Makaurau candidacy, Will Flavell, is disappointed he won't be competing against the broadcaster Shane Taurima for the party's selection.

Labour's council decided it won't allow Mr Taurima's nomination to proceed, after he was found to have used Television New Zealand resources in his political work.

So far, the school teacher Will Flavell is the only nominee to be named, and he had been looking forward to contesting the candidacy.

He would have liked to debate with Mr Taurima about the best way forward for tangata whenua in Tamaki.

Mr Flavell said, for example, they would have both been able to share their ideas with party members at the selection meeting. He said it could have been a healthy contest of ideas.

Will Flavell, 28, was confident he could win the seat for Labour, if he was selected to stand for the party.

Shane Taurima did not respond to Te Manu Korihi requests to talk about his reaction to the party not proceeding with his nomination for the electoral race.