23 Mar 2014

Harawira defends treaty claim body

7:41 am on 23 March 2014

Ngapuhi elder Titewhai Harawira says hapu in the north are being fed misinformation about plans to settle the tribe's treaty claim.

An information hui in Auckland on Saturday was disrupted by Ngati Hine and other hapu that oppose the authority Tuhoronuku approved by the Crown to represent the iwi in negotiations.

Mrs Harawira is a member of Tuhoronuku and said people who came to hear the facts did not get much chance because of the shouting by opponents who are misleading their people.

"Tuhoronuku is not stopping the progress and the opportunity for people to be heard by the tribunal - absolutely not."

She said the Government had given hapu alliance Te Kotahitanga exactly the same information as Tuhoronuku about the negotiation process, yet the alliance leaders continue to mislead their people.

The Crown has agreed the Waitangi Tribunal can continue to hear the tribe's grievances when negotiations get underway.