17 Mar 2014

Mana says it's not reliant on Parliament

7:59 am on 17 March 2014

The Mana Party says the movement isn't reliant on parliamentary participation and will continue if it doesn't win a seat at the elections.

It is aiming to win four electorates in September, and retain its only seat, Te Tai Tokerau.

Party president Annette Sykes says as well as Maori, it has key Pacific Island and Pakeha representatives, including John Minto and Sue Bradford.

She says members of the movement have been activists outside Parliament for years and have been advocating for change in many areas.

Ms Sykes says Mana is not a movement that is reliant on parliamentary participation to give it effect.

She says Hone Harawira and John Minto's invites to a private ceremony for former South African leader Nelson Mandela show their activism reverberated around the world.