27 Jan 2014

Kura kaupapa supports helping other schools

6:30 am on 27 January 2014

A west Auckland kura kaupapa principal welcomes the Government's plan for schools to work more closely with each other, something he says Maori language immersion schools have been doing for some time.

The Government plans to appoint more than 6000 teachers and principals to high paid roles involving sharing ideas across schools.

Lead teachers will be paid an extra $20,000 a year to act as role models for teachers within their own and other local schools.

Tumuaki (principal) at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hoani Waititi marae Rawiri Wright says Maori medium schools have always operated on the philosophy of whakawhanaungatanga, or networking.

Mr Wright says the aspect of competing against other schools, as has been the case in the last 20 years, is a mainstream view and not how kura kaupapa work.

He says Maori language medium schools have had to, and have always preferred to, work collegially.

Mr Wright says it comes down to how schools think about and how they decide to react to the new changes.