22 Aug 2013

Maori health provider shifts services onto one site

7:31 pm on 22 August 2013

A major Maori health provider in Whanganui says shifting all its services onto one site will make it more efficient, and show its kotahitanga, or unity.

Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority was established 20 years ago as a GP service, and it's grown over that time into different services in five locations.

It's now moving them all to the Tupoho Community Complex - the old Whanganui Polytech site.

Te Oranganui chief executive Nancy Tuaine says that will let the services connect more easily, and be more convenient for clients.

She says it'll also be easier for the kaimahi hauora, or health workers, to share information about their mutual clients, and that'll give strength to the kaupapa.

The last of the five services to be relocated - Te Waipuna Medical Centre - moves to the Tupoho Campus next month.