20 Aug 2013

MWWL tightening rules against Destiny

6:31 am on 20 August 2013

The Maori Women's Welfare League has tightened its rules to prevent any repeat of a presidency challenge by the Destiny Church.

The league meets in Whakatane for its national conference from 11-14 September.

President Kataraina O'Brien says on the agenda is a new draft constitution, developed after litigation over Destiny's bid to win the presidency.

The league removed the name of the church's co-founder, Hannah Tamaki, from the ballot after claiming she had set up 10 new league branches to gain votes.

The High Court subsequently ruled that Mrs Tamaki's name had to be put back on the ballot.

The challenge was the first the league had encountered in about 60 years and the rules had to be changed to ensure it could not happen again.

Ms O'Brien said she is hoping the draft constitution will be approved by all branches at the conference.