7 Aug 2013

Ngai Tamanuhiri pays rangatahi to do leadership course

7:13 pm on 7 August 2013

A Gisborne iwi is paying its rangatahi or young people to attend a leadership programme during the school holidays.

Ngai Tamanuhiri held the programme for the second time during the two-week break in July.

Co-ordinator Kay Robin says rangatahi aged between 11 and 18 are paid $20 for each session they attend, and have the ability to make $120 over the holidays.

She says they learn about whakapapa and partake in boot camp exercises, as well as work with the police.

Ms Robin says they then help run the second week of the programme for children aged five to 10.

She says it's about getting rangatahi to think like leaders and act as role models - saying the money is the best investment the iwi has made in its young people.