20 Jul 2013

Te Arawa suspects Govt will proceed with mineral exploration

7:30 pm on 20 July 2013

A Bay of Plenty iwi says it suspects the Government will go ahead and hold tenders for mineral exploration permits, despite the iwi's oppposition to mining.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's petroleum and minerals arm is proposing permits for companies in the Taupo volcanic zone, which covers parts of the Taupo and Rotorua districts.

Te Arawa told ministry representatives last weekend that it didn't support the proposal in its tribal boundary, which includes Rotorua.

Te Taru White hui facilitator says Te Arawa will keep an eye on the tendering progress. He says he suspects the process will carry on and permits will be issued - something Te Arawa is poised and ready to challenge.

Te Arawa Federation of Maori Authorities says it will make sure the ministry knows at every stage of the process that the people do not want their mana trampled on.

The petroleum and minerals agency says it will consider feedback on the proposal after submissions close on 19 July.