2 Jul 2013

Ngai Te Rangi sign AIP with Crown

8:24 pm on 2 July 2013

Tauranga iwi, Ngai Te Rangi, and the Government have moved a step forward in Treaty negotiations, and signed an agreement in principle.

Talks have been going for about three years with the tribe declining an earlier Treaty offer.

The redress is to include $29.5 million as well as the government returning sites to the iwi, including Maungarangi Pa near Waitao River and Karewa Island opposite Matakana Island.

There will also be a tribal historical account, acknowledgement of breaches, and an apology - which will all be outlined in a draft Deed of Settlement.

If the draft is approved by Cabinet, the document will be initialled by the iwi and the Government.

The tribe aims to initial a Deed of Settlement by the end of July.