25 Jun 2013

Domain names denigrate Maori, says lecturer

3:11 pm on 25 June 2013

Auckland University of Technology lecturer Steve Elers says there is a growing trend of "online Maori bashing" after finding a number of suspicious maori.co.nz domain names.

Mr Elers said he was researching for a presentation when he discovered ''racist'' domain names that re-direct to Crown and company websites.

They include www.unemployedmaori.co.nz which forwards to the Work and Income website and www.kai.maori.nz which clicks through to the KFC website.

Mr Elers said they have been registered and purchased for between $20 - $40, which means those who own them are publicly listed.

He says the individuals involved will probably claim the domain names are funny and not racist - but he says the Domain Names Commissioner should de-register them.

Mr Elers said this is just one example of growing racism towards Maori in the online world.