5 Mar 2013

UN reports on NZ race relations

6:30 am on 5 March 2013

A United Nations report has urged the Government to ensure that the partial privatisation of energy companies doesn't take away Maori rights to freshwater.

A timeline has been set for the Government's plan to sell up to 49% of Mighty River Power, with potential investors allowed to pre-register from Tuesday.

The report into New Zealand's race relations highlights 16 areas for improvement.

A key recommendation urges the Government to ensure that any privatisation of energy companies be pursued in a manner that fully respects the rights of Maori communities to freshwater and geothermal resources, as protected by the Treaty.

The Justice and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins said the report will be given serious consideration.

Mighty River Power is expected to be listed on the stock exchange before the Budget is delivered on 16 May.