27 Oct 2012

Call for Te Arawa women to take up tribal roles

7:39 am on 27 October 2012

Te Arawa kaumatua Toby Curtis is calling for women to have the right to take up key tribal roles.

Mr Curtis says the women of Te Arawa tribes are one of their most valuable treasures and seem to be doing far better than Te Arawa men in professional areas.

He says the super iwi structure that the collective of tribes is looking to set up next year could provide a way to promote some women, who could hold positions such as spokesperson for health or women's affairs.

But Mr Curtis says for any appointments to be made, the people would need to give their blessing.

He says the last thing they want is for a man to talk about women's affairs in Te Arawa.

Mr Curtis says it seems as though the men are doing the talking while the women are doing the work.