19 Oct 2012

Amputee paid $100 extra each week

5:30 am on 19 October 2012

The Kaikohe amputee who went on hunger strike for a month in protest at his treatment by Work and Income says he's now living like a king on $340 a week.

Sam Kuha ended his protest last week after Social Development Minister Paula Bennett agreed to meet him.

He says that hasn't happened yet - but WINZ has re-assessed his invalid's benefit and he's now getting $100 more each week.

Mr Kuha says he now has enough to buy food and a few things he thinks of as luxuries, like shampoo or a cup of coffee.

He says that's like paradise, but he's wondering how many other beneficiaries are missing out on their full entitlements, as he was.

Mr Kuha says the minister has said she will meet him as long as he doesn't bring his Mana Party advocate Arthur Harawira, to the meeting.

But he says Mr Harawira supported him throughout his hunger strike and he's having a think about whether that condition is fair.

Mr Kuha says he was not a Mana member when he began his hunger strike, but he has now joined the party.