10 Oct 2012

Elders to speak out on northern impasse

9:16 am on 10 October 2012

The Ngapuhi runanga is going back to its old people for advice on how to end a stalemate over settling treaty claims.

The Northland iwi is the largest in New Zealand and is the only major tribe whose grievances are still to be heard and resolved.

The runanga's sub committee, Tuhoronuku, claims the mandate to negotiate a settlement, following a series of hui in New Zealand and Australia.

But some hapu say Tuhoronuku doesn't have their support.

Runanga chairperson Sonny Tau has rejected an attempt by mediator Tukoroirangi Morgan to find a compromise and called it an insult to Ngapuhi.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson has so far declined to recognise Tuhoronuku's mandate, and wants to meet with hapu groups as well as Tuhoronuku, to discuss a way forward.

The runanga has called a hui for kaumatua (elders) in Kaikohe this Friday, to seek advice on Mr Morgan's report and whether there's a way to reconcile opposing views.