3 Oct 2012

Opposition to planned Rotorua waste transfer station

8:27 pm on 3 October 2012

A Rotorua resident who opposes a waste transfer station being built near his home hopes his appeal to the Environment Court will result in the facility being built elsewhere.

Early last month an independent commissioner granted consent to Transpacific Industries Group, to build the station on the site of a former petrol station in the suburb of Ngapuna.

John Tapiata who lives there is disappointed that neither the Rotorua District Council nor the Bay of Plenty Regional Council carried out a cultural impact assessment of the area.

He wants to protect and maintain cultural sites important to Te Arawa, and preserve the way his whanaunga (relatives) have traditionally lived.

Mr Tapiata says the local ngawha (hotpool) which is quite close to the proposed facility, is not just about having a bath as it helps medicinally and is a place where families socialise.

He says there's no reason why the transfer station can't be located somewhere else.