20 Sep 2012

Maori Council wants control of Maori wardens

7:08 pm on 20 September 2012

The New Zealand Maori Council says it should be given back control of Maori wardens from the Government despite the Act that governs them currently being under review.

The council says it has the legislated authority to control and supervise Maori Wardens through District Maori Councils under the Maori Community Development Act.

But Minister for Maori Affairs Pita Sharples says the relationship between the Maori Council and Maori wardens is part of a current review into the 50 year-old Act.

Dr Sharples says a consultation document is being worked on and the Maori Council has been asked to comment but hasn't yet.

Maori Council deputy chairperson Rahui Katene says the council realises there is a review underway but under the current Act, the council bears responsibility for Maori wardens and will continue to do so until the Act changes.

She says the council intends to provide feedback on the consultation document, but is not yet in a position to comment on it publicly.