6 Sep 2012

Maori King praised for calling national hui on water

11:57 am on 6 September 2012

The Maori King's call for a national water rights hui is being commended by the Maori Council which says the meeting will help stop the Government's ongoing mentality of trying to divide and conquer iwi and hapu.

The King made the call after the Crown refused to organise a national hui with tangata whenua.

Instead, it's decided to talk directly to iwi affected by the share sales in Mighty River Power, which is planned to go ahead from March next year.

Maori Council co-chair Rahui Katene says they're attending the King's summit, which she says will help its members gauge opinions before they call their own national meeting.

Ms Katene says history shows that Government's happy to divide and conquer Maori in order to get what it wants.

She says in the past Maori have sometimes not been united, but she hopes this time they will come to the same consensus - whatever that maybe.