5 Sep 2012

Whanganui iwi say Treaty talks on right path

6:30 am on 5 September 2012

Whanganui River Maori Trust Board is satisfied with how its Treaty of Waitangi negotiations with the Crown are progressing, saying the Government is taking into account the iwi's unique circumstances.

The Crown and Whanganui River iwi have signed an agreement marking a step toward the tribe being officially recognised as a guardian of the river.

A member of the Treaty negotiation team says the negotiations are going well, with the Crown carefully considering what the iwi is trying to achieve.

Gerrard Albert says the Crown is interested in the approach his tribe is taking, which includes acknowledging the waterway as a living entity and recognising the iwi as its guardian.

Mr Albert says the iwi has its own fundamental principles to uphold and, as a result, the Crown recognises it will have to treat this settlement slightly differently to others.