24 Aug 2012

Tribunal decision not one-sided - council

9:40 pm on 24 August 2012

Maori Council members are praising the Waitangi Tribunal's interim water rights report - saying it's not one-sided.

But it does say the findings show that the Crown's evidence doesn't stack up.

A co-chairperson of the Maori Council, Rahui Katene, is delighted with the report saying the document is not one-sided.

She says it does recognised both the claimants and the Crown's views, but it also found that the Government's evidence does not stake up.

Ms Katene approves of the tribunal's recommendation for the government to delay the share sales proposal and meet with iwi leaders, the Maori council and claimants.

She hopes the Government will listen to the tribunal, and agree to put a hold on the sales and meet with Maori because it cannot move ahead without dealing with Maori rights to water.