14 Aug 2012

Maori youth hitting their straps in Qld league

1:15 pm on 14 August 2012

A Queensland Maori rugby league coach predicts younger players will become a force to reckon with as more time and effort goes into developing them.

Young league players in the Australian state are gearing up for their local Maori competition Nga Hau e Wha in October, in the run-up to an interstate match with New South Wales.

Queensland East Maori Rugby League and Queensland Maori Rugby League coaching director Hamiora Wanoa says that already the under-16 team is looking sharp, and with the right mentoring the players will go a long way.

He says Maori league in the state is going to get stronger through training up-and-coming players.

Mr Wanoa says potentially the under-16 side will be playing their New South Wales counterparts after the Queensland tournament early in October.

He says all of the teams in the competition are on the right path and are striving for excellence.