14 Aug 2012

Maori board keeps up pressure on council

1:15 pm on 14 August 2012

The Independent Maori Statutory Board is being urged to keep up the pressure on the Auckland Council to find out how many senior officials are Maori.

Board member John Tamihere told its monthly meeting on Monday that despite repeated questions, the council is not providing figures.

The council says it doesn't keep employee figures based on their race.

But Mr Tamihere suggests it needs to change the way it collects its data. He says the board has a right to ask for the information under legislation covering local government and the Independent Maori Statutory Board.

Mr Tamihere also questions whether the council's failure to find out how many senior Maori it employs is a human rights issue.

He said the board needs to keep the pressure on the council, because the matter can't be left sitting on the table.

A recent audit of the Auckland Council found that awareness of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Maori rights is limited.