31 Jul 2012

Maori food and drink collective 'like family'

7:09 am on 31 July 2012

A Maori snackbar company says being part of a newly launched Maori food and drink collective is like being part of a family.

Boosta is one of 18 companies that have joined the Indigenous New Zealand initiative which aims to promote the group's products here and offshore.

Boosta director Hayden Pohio, who lists Ngai Tahu among his iwi affiliations, says it will be far easier to market his products as part of a collective.

Mr Pohio says there are definite benefits to working as a team with other Maori companies that offer a range of products.

He plans to grow his family-owned company and export overseas and he is already targeting countries including Japan and America.

Mr Pohio says Maori are very good at working together and the companies will be more powerful as an indigenous cluster.

Mr Pohio says his snackbar is inspired by his mother's recipe.