27 Jul 2012

Maori to Maori the way to educate on health: Labour

7:48 pm on 27 July 2012

Labour says Maori health providers hold the key to making sure the appropriate messages in health campaigns reach their communities, to help take the pressure off the overburdened health system.

Health spokesperson Maryan Street says a recent Otago University study that showed Maori are more likely than Pakeha to postpone doctor visits and to not pick up their medicines because of cost, deserves closer attention.

She says as part of a prevention strategy, Maori health organisations play a pivotal role in promoting wider health campaigns.

Ms Street says only Maori groups can deliver accessible health messages in an appropriate way to their patients.

She says if the Government does not take advantage of such organisations, then chronic health conditions like type-2 diabetes will continue to weigh down the health system.