26 Jul 2012

Whanau Ora does work - registered nurse

7:15 am on 26 July 2012

A Wairarapa nurse says Whanau Ora is working, and rejects any criticism that it isn't.

Hera Edwards, who is a registered nurse at the Wairarapa Health Trust, Whaiora, made the remark after her service launched the results of its trial health programme in Parliament on Wednesday.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has publicly criticised some projects funded by Whanau Ora in the past.

Kia Rite Kia Ora, which follows Whanau Ora principles, began just over a year ago and Ms Edwards says it has changed the lives of 11 whanau for the better.

The programme encompasses six primary goals, including self-management, economic security and participating in society.

Ms Edwards says the programme has been beneficial for 11 families, which adds up to more than 40 people who are getting their lives on track and want to add value to their lives.